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Construction Supervision

OPSYS engages high calibre, experienced and qualified staff across both home office and field construction activities. The prime objective is the completion of a safe construction, within budget, to the required quality, and on time.

OPSYS Construction Supervision team provides:

  • Final As-built documentation package.
  • Construction Supervision at site providing various experienced specialties supervisors.
  • Identification of engineering deliverables required for good constructability.
  • A review of the completed Construction Binder to ensure a complete and comprehensive package.
  • Involvement in daily communication with inspectors to ensure effective project controls, including daily reports, cost control, cost tracking, deviation reporting, and also providing technical support.
  • Establish and monitor safety criteria.
  • QA/QC program & qualifications review
  • Construction schedule development & projections
  • Equipment procurement, delivery, installation, check-out
  • Weekly/monthly construction performance reports
  • Cost projections & tracking
  • Vendor/contractor performance reports
  • Daily jobsite safety compliance checklists
  • Receiving reports
  • Contractor coordination meetings

OPSYS construction Supervision team reviews the engineering product at key stages to ensure the completeness, constructability and quality of our engineering packages, managing construction activities in accordance with well established procedures and work procedures and method statements. Additionally, the construction team ensures the construction plans, incorporating safety. The team is transferred to the site location during errection works and performs the daily supervision works providing insurance that all engineering issues are followed during execution of words. OPSYS; may provide additional assistance providing highly grade experts, in order to assist erection Contractor's in specific fields.


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