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Project Management

OPSYS considers project management and planning expertise to be the key to successful projects.

OPSYS is in the position to:

  • Define project direction prior to execution.
  • Establish Client's project scope, capital cost and project schedule.
  • Provide daily project costs and weekly comprehensive project reports.
  • Manage risk effectively and ensure that all projects are executed safely.
  • Effectively manage risk to ensure projects are executed within acceptable cost parameters.
  • Demonstrate leadership to ensure safe project execution.
  • Utilize our Quality Management Practice Plan to ensure a structured execution of the project.

By using these resources and project management skills, OPSYS is able to plan and execute our Clients' projects in an effective manner.

OPSYS is committed to:

  • Quality management
  • Developing and adhering to schedules
  • Committing resources to safety and training
  • Keeping costs within a budget


  • Engineering coordination
  • Planning, schedule monitoring and reporting
  • Preparation of project control budgets
  • Cost monitoring and change control
  • Contract administration
  • Quality assurance /quality control
  • Financial, accounting and reporting
  • Documentation Control Project Control
  • Scheduling system providing resource planning, critical path, precedence and progress information
  • Reporting system
  • Cost control system, forecasting and reporting labour and material costs
  • Logistics
  • Interface Control

Project Organization

For major projects, a project task force is assembled to execute the work in a separate location for the duration of its assignment.

  • Keeping the objectives in focus
  • Flexible structures, depending on size and specific project requirement
  • Cohesive project team
  • Personnel continuity
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