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Technical Inspections

OPSYS offers a comprehensive range of construction/project site inspection and testing services. This includes various specialized disciplines, methods and techniques. These services extend from the provision of complete site project teams (undertaking all facets of site Quality inspection, testing and associated technical services) to single individuals undertaking a specific assignment.

OPSYS has a strategic partnership with MOODY International and is in the position to provide inspections, auditing, certifications and expediting services worldwide to its Clients utilizing local MOODY International offices and subsequently keeping costs to a minimum.

Qualified personnel are available in all disciplines including welding; non-destructive examination; mechanical and rotating equipment; paint and/or coatings; electrical; instrumentation; civil; structural; HVAC, and more.

Source Inspection and Supplier Surveillance  

When projects require shop inspections, OPSYS through MOODY International promptly dispatches qualified personnel to supplier facilities to oversee inspections and tests, review special processes, verify measurements and testing results, assess workmanship and report supplier progress. This service ensures that products, processes and other related activities are properly surveyed and monitored for compliance during critical manufacturing, inspection and test stages and that clients are kept informed via detailed reporting of conditions and results.

Vendors Audits and Surveys  

OPSYS auditing services through MOODY International provide independent evaluation of a supplier's administrative, operating, manufacturing or quality management system.

Audits and assessments take on many different scopes depending on the need of the client. Normally, the activities will focus on specific products, processes, systems or even capabilities and capacities of the supplier. This may include, but is not limited to areas such as: quality management; process identification and management; procedure and personnel qualification; environmental management; health and safety etc.

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